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Digi Card

We design aesthetic, intuitive, modern and environmentaly friendly digital business cards that provide easy access to contact information within 4 working days

Main Characteristics of the Digi-Card

  • Click to call, send email, add to WhatsApp and get address on Google Maps.
  • Click to open your social media accounts.
  • Click to open websites.
  • Click or scan QR code to save all contact information directly to the phones contact.

Features Offered

  • Contact Information: 10
  • Occupational Details: 1
  • Social Media Links: 5
  • Profile Photo: 1*
  • QR code + VCF: 1
  • Logo: 1*
  • Banner: 1*
  • Logo: 1*
  • Design: simillar to previous card
  • Revisions: 3
  • * As per the design provided

Sample Cards


Click to download the sample card

  1. Sample Card-1
  2. Sample Card-2

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